What questions to be asked before hiring a Probate Attorney

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What questions to be asked before hiring a Probate Attorney

A probate attorney is one of the most influential people you will need to contact when dealing with a loved one’s estate. 

The probate process can be confusing and challenging to navigate without an experienced attorney. Probate attorneys have a lot of experience with this process. When hiring a probate attorney, it is essential to ask questions about their experience and rates and how they charge for their services. It is also necessary to ask if they carry a license to practice law in a state where the Will is signed.

Questions For Hiring Probate Attorney

Probating is a process controlled by several legal estate policies. There is no science or art to picking a probate lawyer other than asking the right questions. Here, we shared the most frequent questions a person asks while hiring a Probate Attorney.   

What is the focus area of your practice?

You must engage with a probate attorney with actual knowledge and competence, whether you are the decedent’s heir, beneficiary, or executor. A strong suit in estate planning and probate administration will expedite the procedure.

 What is the job of a probate attorney?

  • Estate preparation and administration, 
  • Tax planning, and 
  • Conflict-free will execution

Have you executed a will before?

The Indian Succession Act 1925 (“Act”), a bygone era, oversees the execution of Wills in India by non-Muslims. The Act defines a Will as “the legal statement of a testator’s purpose concerning his property that he wishes to put into effect after his death.” 

Wills are exempt from stamp duty and notarization. Intentions are likewise exempt from registration under the Registration Act. The testator can register the Will, although failure does not affect Will’s legality; however, if the testator makes two Wills, one unregistered and one written. The latter Will take precedence, even if the unregistered Will had been executed.

How do you charge for your services?

Attorney fees have not listed on their websites, so prospective clients can get clarification before hiring them. Hence, standard fees or hourly rates are sometimes used. Get the answers ahead to prevent extra costs and unpleasant surprises after the probate procedure.

How long does probate take?

The answer has determined by the size of your estate. Smaller estates may take a few months to probate, but more considerable estates may take a year or more. As one of the inquiries to ask an attorney, this investigation helps assess their subject experience.

What can I expect during probate? 

Assuming you have no legal expertise, you will rely on the attorney to be open and communicative throughout the procedure. This question aids in determining if they are devoted to openness.

What are the duties of an executor?

If you are an executor named by the decedent or appointed yourself as such in the event of intestacy, the probate attorney should assist you in understanding your responsibilities. For example, they should help you manage asset management, pay taxes and bills, and distribute cash to heirs and beneficiaries.

How do we handle creditors?

Another issue that might be useful in this discussion is how to handle outstanding debts or financial responsibilities. All estate creditors are entitled to reimbursement from the estate’s proceeds when writing a will or meeting intestacy conditions. Your probate attorney should devise a strategy for obtaining liquidity and paying creditors.

What do I do if someone mishandles the assets?

Beneficiaries, heirs, or even executors might mismanage an inheritance shortly after a donor’s death. A probate attorney should give legal aid to either stop, eliminate, or compensate for the squandered funds.

Do you have expertise in estate planning?

If the dead left a pour-over Will, the assets stated in it would be placed in a trust. Therefore, a probate attorney skilled in estate planning or trust administration can be of excellent service.

How do I avoid probate?

When arranging your estate, remember that not all assets pass through probate when you die. An estate planning attorney can assist you in drafting a will and negotiating your estate using techniques such as joint tenancy and trusts.

How do I reduce probate costs?

Probate cost-cutting measures should be at the top of your list of probate lawyer queries. In addition, they should devise testator plans such as debt repayment and funeral preparation if they are knowledgeable and competent in their field.

How do you avoid probate disputes?

Your duty as a will or self-appointed estate executor will not always be easy. You may encounter irate beneficiaries and family members. A probate lawyer should be an impartial judge.


Here, we elaborated on questions you asked before hiring a probate attorney to ease your work. The fact is that most people do not require the services of a probate lawyer to navigate the probate procedure. The primary forms are publicly available, and they do not require a law degree to complete. However, some states are pretty complicated, with royalties or corporate assets. In addition, heirs have disputed several wills. In these cases, we would strongly advise hiring probate counsel.

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